ATIS advertising is effective!


  • Highly concentrated!

Tired of trolling the net for customers, only to find that 99% of your advertising exposures are wasted on surfers not matching the demographics of a potential customer? ATIS is the heart and soul of antique tractor related activity on the Internet. If you have product or service related to antique tractors or agriculture, then you can rest assured all your advertising will pull it weight, reaching audiences that are looking for businesses like yours!

  • Let's do the math.......

A business can count on 2500 exposures a month here at ATIS. Currently the break down is roughly 20% through the marketplace and the reminder is generated through banner rotations. These are minimums and the actual will be higher. With click through percentages averaging 5% and higher, that's at least 125 visitors to your site that came because of ATIS advertising at a minimum. Calculating your average sales per visit and multiplying it by your net margin on sales and I'll bet you can justify the $20 a month ATIS charges for advertising. Oh, and don't forget the mail in/phone in orders and repeat business the visits lead to!

  • Not convinced yet?

Let's say there is an antique tractor and agricultural show held monthly in your home town. The show is large, so the show draws 2500 visitors every time. Would you pay $20 for a booth at the show? You bet, even though a lot of the visitors are not strong prospects for sales (children, companions of the collectors, etc.). ATIS will generate over 2500 exposures a month and the quality of exposure would be much higher than our hypothetical show.


  • This highly qualified ATIS visitor; who is he/she?

Who is the average ATIS surfer? While formal studies have not been conducted, I do know my subscribers and visitor well. Most are very dedicated, active collectors and users of antique farm machinery. Typically they work as professionals and skilled tradesmen and are educated and computer literate. Most are young compared to antique tractor collectors in general. As a rule, the group contains a large percentage of leaders in the field of antique tractors, including agricultural engineers, several editors of antique tractor periodicals, leaders within local and national organizations, farmers and many, many business owners. Most have rural and/or farming history and backgrounds. In short, they are just the type of customer you have been looking for.


  • Sounds Great, what are the details?

ATIS advertising costs $20 a month with a $20 setup fee. This gives you unlimited banner exposure through our pages, wherever the pages are shown. In addition, you get a storefront in the ATIS marketplace. ATIS sells it's advertising space on a monthly basis, so you are not locked into any long term or multi-month contract. Contact us at to set up your advertising today!


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