Antique Tractor Periodicals Bibliography

Here are a listing of publications known by the Antique Tractor Forum's members as "Old Iron" magazines. These all deal with Antique Tractors and/or very closely related subjects. I would have a hard time believing that this list is complete and of course all information is subject to change and correction. All pertinent information, such as subscription rates, are included. I do not have this information for some publications. If you see some missing information you have at your disposal, or if you have any corrections or deletions, please feel free to contact me at

Spencer Yost, 10-23-95
9N-2N-8N Newsletter
PO Box 235
Chelsea, VT 05038-0235
Gerard W. Rinaldi, Publisher
"For Ford entusiasts"
Antique Power
Box 562
Yellow Springs, OH 45387
Pat Ertl (Publisher/Editor)
6 issues/year
$20.00 subscription.
Free classifies to subscribers
1 (800) 767 5828
"All Brands Tractor Magazine"
The Belt Pulley
Box 83
Nokomis, IL 62075
6 issues/year
"All Brands Tractor Magazine"
Cockshutt Quarterly
International Cockshutt Club
Diana Myers
2910 Essex Road
LaRue, Ohio 43332-8830
$15.00/year (includes membership)
"For Cockshutt, Co-op, Blackhawk, and Gambles Farmcrest enthusiasts"
The Empire Newsletter
Carl Hering
RD 1, Box 921
Cayuga, New York 13034
Twice yearly
Free (small donations accepted
to help defray costs)
"For Empire tractor Enthusiasts"
Engineers and Engines
P.O. Box 2757
Joliet, IL 60434-2757
6 issues/year
"All brands, emphasis on steam engines"
The Ferguson Journal
Denehurst Rosehill Road
Stoke Heath
Market Drayton TF9 2JU
"Fo r Massey Ferguson enthusiasts."
Gas Engine Magazine
P.O. Box 328
Lancaster, PA 17608
12 issues/year
$27.00/U.S., $30.00 int'l.
"For enthusiasts and collectors of all types of gas engines."
The Golden Arrow
John Kasmiski
N7209 State Highway 67
Mayville, WI 53050
subscription: $16.00/year
"For Cockshutt, Co-op, Blackhawk, and Gambles Farmcrest enthusiasts"
Green Magazine
RR 1, Box 7
Bee, NE 68314
12 issues/year
$23 US, $27 foreign (US funds)
"For John Deere enthusiasts"
MM Corresponder
Rt. 1, Box 153
Vail, IA 51465
4 issues/year
"For Minneapolis-Moline enthusiasts"
Old Abe's News
4004 Coal Valley Rd.
Vinton, OH 45686
4 issues/year
"For Case enthusiasts"
The Old Allis News
Pleasant Knoll 10925 Love Rd.
Bellevue, MI 49021
4 issues/year
$20 US, $25 Foriegn
"For Allis Chalmers enthusiasts"
Oliver Collector's News
Manvel, ND 58256-0044
"For Oliver enthusiasts"
72435 SR 15
New Paris, IN 46553
6 issues/year
"All Brands Tractor Magazine"
The Prairie Gold Rush
Rt. 1, Box 119
Francesville, IN 47946
4 issues/year
"For Minneapolis-Moline enthusiasts"
Red Power Newsletter
Box 277
Battle Creek, IA 51006
Editor and Publisher: Daryl A. Miller
6 issues/year; start Jan
$12, $18/year Canada (US funds) Free 20 word classified ad with subscription
712-365-4669 (7pm to 10 pm)
Sample copy: $2
"For All IHC (Farmall) enthusiasts"
The Rumley Newsletter
PO Box 12
Moline, IL 61265
"For Rumley enthusiasts"
Tractor Digest
P.O. Box 31
Eldora, Iowa 50627-0031
One year subscription (4 issues) $28
Two year subscription (8 issues) $50
"For John Deere Enthusiasts"
Two-Cylinder Club
310 East G Avenue
Grundy Center, Iowa 50638
Annual Membership includes magazine - $24.00 US
"For John Deere enthusiasts"
Turtle River Toy News
Rt. 1
Manvel, ND 58256
12 issues
"For Oliver enthusiasts"
Wild Harvest: Massey Collectors' News
Box 529
Denver, IA 50622
Keith Oltrogge (Publisher/Editor)
$20 subcription, second class mail. Free classifieds to members
(319) 984 - 5292 days,
(319) 352 - 5524 evenings
"For Massey, Massy-Harris, and Wallis enthusiasts"

Here is a newletter recommended by a member of the antique tractor mailing list. He has a small orchard using antique tractors and indicates that this is a good publication. It does not deal with tractors, but does deal with farming. SWY
Growing for Market Newletter
Fairplain Publications
PO Box 3747
Lawerance, Kansas 66046
Subscription $26.00 for 12 issues.
Reprint of "Profitable Ideas for the Small Farm" available for $10

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