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The ability to exchange electronic mail, or E-mail for short, is probably one of the oldest benefits of the internet and is today the most widely used service on the internet. The ability to exchange messages and information is vital in today's economy. The standard "language" computers use to exchange email is called POP3, or POP mail. POP mail is popular because this language doesn't care where your email resides, what type of system , or where you are. All you have to do is connect to the internet and simply download your mail. You can be on a laptop in Hong Kong, or your home computer in South Dakota; it simply doesn't matter.


How can ATIS help:


There are many benefits to having a POP mail account here at ATIS. Having an email account on the ATIS servers:


There are many other benefits as well. ATIS is a professional web services company capable of providing standard, reliable POP3 mail services. For only $5 per month and a $5 set up fee, it is very affordable too! Please feel free to contact us at sales@atis.net

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