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Please be aware that filling this out is not a requirement for subscribing to the Antique Tractor mailing list.

All information requested in this profile is voluntary. Leave blank ANYTHING that you do not wish to be known.

We use this profile to compile interesting reports from time to time(The report that answers the question: "How many members own John Deeres?" is an example). We post these reports to the mailing list without individual information and your personal information is confidential. However, we also use it from time to time to help members locate each other, and if you have checked the proper button, we will even provide your name and address to outside interests (junk mail about tractors isn't all that bad!). Your email address is a required field and must exactly match the address contained in your subscription record. Further down on this form there is a set of three radio buttons, one of which you must choose to indicate how you want this information shared and distributed. Please check one, and error on the side of confidentiality if you are unsure. Blank radio buttons will be construed as meaning you wish to keep this confidential and your information only used for summation style reporting.

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What is your relationship to commercial farming?
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What distribution do you wish this information to have? (please see the note at the top of the form about confidentiality)

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Antique Tractor Collection Details

Please list the major equipment you own: (be aware that theft of farm machinery is an unfortunate reality, at least in the USA, so use discretion if you have particularly rare or valuable items.)
See below for condition codes.

TypeManufacturerModelYearSerial ConditionComment

Condition Codes:

PT - parts tractor
NR - non running but restorable
RI - restoration in process
OR - original and running but not used for work
FR - fully restored
CR - cosmetic restoration (paint of minor repairs only)
PR - partially restored
WT - work tractor

If you specialize in particular manufacturers, please list them.


Tractor activities you participate in:

Yes No - Collect antique tractors (pre WWII)

Yes No - Collect classic tractors (post WWII)

Yes No - Collect old farm machinery

Yes No - Restoration for use

Yes No - Restoration for show

Yes No - Restoration for trade/sale

Yes No - Tractor pulls (stock)

Yes No - Tractor pulls (modified)

Yes No - Attend shows only, no exhibit

Yes No - Just interested in old farm machinery


Activities comment:

Yes No - Collect and/or restore antique farm engines

Yes No - Collect farm toys

Yes No - Collect and/or restore antique garden tractors

Yes No - Interested in agricultural history

Yes No - Interested in rural life and culture

List any Tractor Clubs or other related organizations in which you participate:



Describe your working facilities:


Welding/Cutting Equipment:

Sand Blasting/Painting Equipment:

Hauling Equipment:



Do you actually farm with your antique tractors and implements, either for profit or for fun? If so, describe.

Do you have a commercial sideline related to tractors that you wish the group to know about? Describe.

Do you have a skill relating to tractor restoration that you are willing to help someone else with, on an advice basis? Describe.

List any tractor activities in your immediate area which might be of interest to the group.

List any salvage yards, parts vendors, etc. that you have personal experience with, and would recommend to the group.

List any other hobbies or activities that (sort of) relate to antique tractors.

List anything else about yourself that you think might interest the group.
(Two suggestions: your job, family members who are involved in tractors.)

Thanks for taking the time to complete this profile form.

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